Remix 2008: Developing great applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

Continuing my recent focus on ASP.NET MVC, I’ll now be presenting it at the upcoming Remix conference.

Microsoft Remix 2008 is being held in Sydney on the 20th May and Melbourne on the 22nd May.

My talk is:

Developing great applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX: Learn how to use ASP.NET MVC to take advantage of the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern in your favourite .NET Framework language for writing business logic in a way that is de-coupled from the views of the data. Then add ASP.NET AJAX for a highly interactive front end.

Get all the details from the Remix site and get your ticket soon. ($199 is very cheap for a full copy of Expression Suite!)


  1. Hey Tatham,

    Looking forward to hear you speak. Will see you at Remix. And Congrats on your MVP award, well deserved.

    Ash Moollan

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