Announcing: one awesome Windows Phone 7 app + the Open Conference Protocol

This weekend, off the back of Web Directions South, the awesome conference team also organised the Amped hack day. Sponsored by Adobe, Microsoft, PayPal, the Powerhouse Museum and Yahoo, there were a number of coding challenges throughout the day.

Aaron Powell (@slace), Brendan Forster (@shiftkey) and I attended in the capacity of mentors for the Windows Phone 7 track. In the end though, the ratio of mentors to participants and one awesome idea threw us down the path of competing instead.

Here’s what we built:

I was talking at a mile a minute because we only had 3 minutes to pitch in the final. (You might notice me glancing at the stopwatch in my left hand.)

Lucky we decided to compete, because in the end we won the whole day! That means we’re off to Web Directions East in Tokyo next month.

We’ll progressively release resources once we polish it up a bit more, take the mirrors down and let the smoke clear out. In the mean time, start with

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